Protect Your Assets From Expensive Nursing Home Costs

Don't Go Broke In A Nursing Home

We’ll help you make a strategy. All qualify regardless of age or health.

What will you do when your family’s assets are wiped out to pay for nursing home expenses?

Did you know you can protect your home and assets from being lost due to a long-term illness or a nursing home stay without buying expensive long-term care insurance or paying out-of-pocket?

 I’ve seen it happen all too often with my clients who seek Medicaid advice. They try to qualify their elderly parent for Medicaid, but not until after they’ve already wasted a lot of their parent’s life savings paying the nursing home at the “private pay” rate, or sold the family home because they thought they had no choice, believing that the government would force them to sell the house anyway. Of course, that’s simply not true!

There are ways to arrange your affairs that will enable you to build a fortress of protection around your family’s assets and have Medicaid pay for most, if not all, of your nursing home expenses.

 Congress has passed laws that allow you to save your home and assets rather than spending them on your long-term care!

Never heard about this?

Most people haven’t and our government is not required to tell you.

This is vital information! 7 out of 10 Americans will need some form of long-term care after age 65.

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don't go broke in a nursing home

Don't Go Broke In A Nursing Home

We'll help you make a strategy.

All qualify regardless of age or health.


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